About us
S-Foodies is a Uppsala-based family business that believes that small everyday choices can make a big difference.

In S-Foodies, we create handmade crazy delicious sweets that are also good for you.
Our 3 main values
The times of boring healthy food are now in the past. Raw cakes are at least as delicious as traditional ones. And we believe that nothing tastes better than natural ingredients such as nuts and seeds, berries and fruits, unrefined sweeteners and organic spices.
Remember that feeling when you eat a cake and go heavy, sleepy and guilty afterwards? We create cakes with no such sacrifices. Our deserts are made with whole food ingredients that are full of nutrients that will make you feel better and give you energy. In order to keep as much nutrition as possible, we don’t bake our cakes. S-Foodies cakes are much easier for our bodies to handle. Why? We never use gluten, refined sugar, lactose, soy or any chemical preservatives.


We stand for creating a sustainable business and are working hard to find the best ethical ingredients for our products. Most of them are certified organic, eco and fair trade. We use only plant-based ingredients and always choose locally-produced berries. We strive for environmentally-friendly packaging and kitchen storage.

Founder and CEO of S-Foodies

Raw Pastry Chef

“I always loved baking. And at some point, I got fascinated by healthy eating and started wondering: Can desserts be a part of the diet if one chooses to eat better?

Turned out it very well can! As long as the ingredients are “right”. And the best part is - there are no limits! Pretty much any dessert can be re-made into a whole food one that would be at least as delicious.

I opened S-Foodies because I believe that food is the essence of our health. And not only ours –it’s remarkable how it influences the environment and society as a whole. And I want to create cakes that are eco-friendly, produced in fair conditions and make us feel better”
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